A windsurfer undergoes a long evolutionary process from the purchase of a big board for beginners and development of surfing skills to the establishment of his own style and, accordingly, windsurfing discipline (freeride, race, wave, freestyle), which determines the required set of equipment: special sails with proper configuration, size and weight, masts, booms, fins, and many other little things, necessary for people captured by their hobby. Over time, every person "obsessed" with windsurfing acquires more and more additional equipment. Moreover, it happens unwittingly, and equipment begins to occupy a lot of space in the garage or closet. So every time you have to choose what equipment to take for surfing: what board, what sails, etc.? But wind conditions often change, so you need to take extra gear just to be safe: a pair of boards, two or three sails, several masts, booms and a bunch of small things from joints and fins to downhauls and action cameras to record all this crazy drive. And what if your wife and children want to go with you putting the question bluntly: "Choose – me or windsurfing?" Of course, single surfers can take an advantage of their bachelorhood and just enjoy their life.

Now ask yourself: how can I carry all this stuff and even with passengers? As a rule, a beginner, who has only one set of equipment, places it on the rail bars, which is obvious at first sight, except for the risk of jamming a sail with straps when attaching. Advanced and wealthy windsurfers can afford buying a special surf car, such as a minivan, and equip it with homemade fasteners to transport boards, sails and other gear. Of course, this is a perfect option, if you have a goodish sum of money to buy such surf car. However, studying the life of a windsurfing community shows that there is a large time gap between beginners and advanced windsurfers, who have not just several boards with sails, but also a surf car.

Most windsurfers, who have reached a good surfing level and already posses a lot of different equipment, for different reasons do not have their own van. It is them, who the Trijisurf roof rack is designed for. The windsurfing board rack allows you to easily and safely carry multiple boards and sails in special plastic tubes, and even place a bag with the rest of gear next to them. Moreover, the cost of the roof rack is much lesser than that of a surf car or modern carbon fiber boards, which need to be transported very carefully, and in this case the Trijisurf roof rack is the best choice.

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