Longboard and formula are two opposite boards in terms of surfing style and feelings. Imagine how you go straight forward, cutting the water surface with a long body of your board and smoothly crushing into waves one after another – to a greater extent, such feelings are typical for a longboard. This board needs time to accelerate, but it is unstoppable at full speed. It has specific planing similar to the movement of a large motor boat with its nose lifted upwards. Formula can be compared to a sports car picking up high speed in seconds. And, of course, each board type has its own fans that would not trade it for any other board.

These boards differ significantly in their proportions and weight. Longboards can reach a length of 3-4 meters, with a width of 70-80cm. In contrast, formulas are short boards with a sufficiently large width of 0.9-1 m. An average weight of longboards varies within 13-18 kg, while formulas have weight of just 6-8 kg. For modern windsurfing boards, this weight is not very big, especially if compared to "ancient" prototypes of 20-25 kg. However, big weight did not stop the pioneers of windsurfing from engaging in their favorite sports activities. They had to carry heavy masts and boards, especially if their hollow bodies with internal partitions absorbed a lot of water. We want to take a hat off to the first windsurfing enthusiasts, who laid the foundation of windsurfing - as a sport, hobby, and recreation activity.

It is no coincidence that we started to talk about different proportions of windsurfing boards. In both cases, it is bulky items that can now be safely transported in the Trijisurf roof rack that allows you to easily install and transport both longboards and short and wide formulas. It’s all about the original patented design of the roof rack, where fastening straps wrap the board from the top and envelope its body, securely pressing it to the soft and elastic rollers at the bottom and on the sides, regardless of its width. The load is distributed between the inclined posts and lower support elements of the Trijisurf roof rack, which ensures the optimum position of the board and its secure fixation. Moreover, when transporting multiple boards, each of them is attached separately and does not touch the other boards. Therefore, the board transportation process has become more convenient, since you save a lot of free space in your car for passengers and other windsurfing gear.
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