Manufacturers of sails for windsurfing produce a large number of sails for different purposes: freeride,race, wave, and freestyle. Freeride sails are used by those, who like the so-called mixed style. These sails are strong enough, but they are not always light. If you prefer to race and love high speed, then, of course, you should choose a race sail, which provides maximum moving force. If you are crazy about waves and you definitely want to ride the crest of a wave and feel its energy and power, then you should choose a wave sail. For those, who like to jump and show various acrobatic stunts and are not afraid to experiment – freestyle sail is the best choice. However, whatever sails you use, you should always handle them carefully during storage and especially during transportation.

A windsurfing sail is made of a special film of varying thickness, and it is a quite fragile thing that can be damaged by pinching (jamming) when folded. The sail with jams is at risk of being torn over time in the areas where it was jammed. In this case, we are not talking about the external aesthetics of the sail, although it is always nice when the sail looks as new after an intensive surfing season. Of course, you should use the proper falling technique so that you don’t tear the sail with your knees, elbows and your own body. You may find a lot of information on this topic in different windsurfing books and guides.But now we want to focus on transportation of sails. Generally, sails are transported in fabric bags that protect them from dust only. If a sail is placed in the car, you dont need to fasten it and there are no difficulties in transportation. However, if you don’t have enough space in your car, you need to transport the sails in large bags with masts, booms and other small items on the roof or just bolt them to roof rail bars. In the latter case, the sail can be jammed by straps, especially if you have to travel a long distance.

We’ve found a new solution to transporting multiple sails in special plastic tubes in the Trijisurf roof rack that can be used to carry up to three sails in one section. You can use the other two sections to place a couple of windsurfing boards. This transportation technology has been tested over long distances and has proven to be perfect. The sails in the tubes are neither jammed, nor exposed to wind, and they are protected against small stones and insects. Special Trijisurf shutters allow you to quickly put in and take out the sail you need for surfing. And while parked, for security reasons, you can lock the sails in the tubes with combination locks using special eyes of the roof rack, or pass a PVC-sheathed steel cable through a steel tag to secure the tube together with sails. And to top it all off, tubes can be painted in the color of your car.

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